GEOevent for the school

GEOevent could be used for schoolchildren on an excursion where you make it an orienteering course with questions along the way. Either you can make a so-called match or a course based on age/grade with questions tailored to where the pupils are somewhere in the curriculum. You can also make a match based solely on topics.
GEOevent is supposed to be a team contest/practice and is built to be a team building activity. Teachers would be able to set up a match with questions to suit their class. Either you can make the game outdoors with a laid out course, but you could also move the competition indoors and let students solve tasks with things that are in the classroom and integrate the tasks into the app.

The app can be developed even more and we will be able to add more features that are suitable for developing Geoevents so that it acts as a tool in the school world. The idea is that the teachers who know their pupils best themselves should develop questions that are suitable for each grade, these we will then put into the app. The questions can usefully be varied with tasks that the pupils will jointly perform. You could also give students building blocks/parts to put things together.
Our hope is to develop it even more in common to get it as a complementary teaching material or tool at school.

We have been running Geoevents with our corporate customers since April and all the bugs are now fixed and the app works exactly as we intended it to do. During the probation period, we have evaluated and improved the performance and made all the necessary tests to ensure that uploads work, battery life keeps, etc.
I gladly show and tell you more in depth about how it works and is of course responsive to ideas and questions about how to implement so that it can fit students.