GEOevent can be developed by adding live stations. For example, you can Choose to make a beverage stop during the activity. Why not try gin with Mr GT, Sweden's biggest Gin & Tonic blogger? Or open oysters and peel shrimp on time? Do you want to combine the competition with more physical competitions or maybe a rib? Below are some suggestions for options. Do not fit them, just hear from you and we will find something else!


Combine your GEOevent with a fast-paced, rib-boat ride in the archipelago. We take you on a journey along the West Coast that you will never forget. With rib boats you'll be sucked over the waves.
Would you rather go in a slower pace but still see the archipelago all the islets and skerries or maybe just move by boat from one island to another? The Public Event also has boats for this purpose.

Oyster Tasting

A glass of bubbly and a couple of Fines de Claire's oysters, is there something better? Doubtful. During our oyster tasting, we will teach you the open oysters in the right way and you'll hear about the history and significance of the oyster on the West coast. We also give you tips on where you can find and pick oysters along the coast. Oyster tasting is perfect as a stage during a GEOevent.

Modern pentathlon

Choose one or more of our 5-kamps branches to live stations during your GEOevent. The branches you solve together in teams where everyone's skills can come in handy. Sometimes it is to be strong, sometimes fast and other times crafty.
How does fishing knowledge really stand? What can you do about knots? How do you open an oyster without destroying the contents? This is a perfect teambuilding activity where the team solves the tasks together. Either we will produce appropriate activities for your company or choose and come with your own suggestions.

Gin & Tonic Testing

Are you interested in the classic drink GT? Then maybe a stop with Gin & Tonic testing is a perfect option for your GEOevent. Our expert, Mr GT, Sweden's largest gin and tonic-blogger and most well-known Gin & Tonic-profile is holding the test. Let yourself be guided through the history of Ginen and try gin with a suitable snack.