If you can compete in music so you compete in cooking.

How good are you at filleting fish, tossing together a béarnaise sauce or guessing spices? In our competition chef fight, it goes much like in the TV program chef struggle. Everything is done on time, but it also applies to succeed well with the task. Our professional chefs hand guide you through the competition rounds and judge whose sauce is tastes or egg white that is best whipped. Either you compete in our own local Marstrands boathouse located in Marstrand Fiskhamn or we come to you and set up cooking stations.

  • Cooking, teambuilding, competition
  • 10-90 people
  • 1-4 hours (May customised)
  • From 650 SEK/person VAT (Depends on local selection)
  • Minimum 10 Paying Guests
  • Excl. Drink