Join us on lobster fishing in the waters around Marstrand and its fantastic archipelago!

You do the job at sea, under the supervision of our experienced fishermen. This means pulling up the hummertinor by hand, empty the catch, agna about and tossing in the pots in the sea anew. While you fish, the skipper tells about lobster lifestyle, different fishing traditions and methods, and how the tools are used and how fishing is conducted on the West Coast.

Why not learn how to cook and prepare lobster in the best way? Try the freshly cooked lobster on our jetty along with accessories and a glass of white wine. Start Monday after 20 September.

  • Start Monday after September 20
  • Clothing/floatation included (bring your own boots/hot shoes)
  • Coffee included
  • 2-50 people
  • 3 hours (May customised)
  • All guests are insured through our personal liability insurance
  • 795 SEK/person VAT
  • 850 KR/person inc VAT